EcoFest in Encinitas, CA seeks to coordinate and execute a free, one-day event dedicated to informing and inspiring the community of Encinitas about recent progress, practical solutions, and new opportunities for improving eco-sustainability.

EcoFest (September 24, 2021 – Encinitas, CA)

Sterling Bax and Larissa D’Andrea joined sponsors and supporters of Encinitas’ EcoFest to discuss environmental sustainability and independent filmmaking.

Independent films on average is roughly under $2 million; however, many films are made in the micro-budget or ultra low budget range from a few thousand to $400,000. Budgets are always tight and indie filmmakers try to make the most of every dollar.

There are fantastic materials available about green productions; however, for an indie filmmaker, this can seem overwhelming and unattainable. During Serpentine Pink, the leadership team was intentional about important areas like environmental sustainability, particularly because we filmed in the delicate ecosystem of Joshua Tree and the surrounding areas.

We had the privilege of speaking with sponsors and donors during EcoFest in Encinitas, CA about our challenges, what worked, what didn’t and garner new ideas to apply during our next project. We’ve pulled in some tips into a single document for reference.

Indie Sustainability Infographic