A dark, surreal experience from stage to screen. A first-of-its-kind, vortex of a lesbian John Waters film meets Yellow Rose meets the camp of early Almodóvar on a Lynchian induced trip through the Mojave. Serious Lost Highway vibes!

Serpentine Pink was awarded the acclaimed ReFrame Stamp in 2021, premiered at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase (IFS) L.A. Film Festival as part of their 2022 official selection, won the Sweden Film Award for Best LGBT Film for September 2022, won the IndieFest Award of Merit for LGBTQ+ & Women Filmmakers, and is nominated as 2023 Best 1st Feature in the Bare Bones Film & Music Festival.

Hard Knock Productions is partnering with LesFlicks, a lesbian-owned, independent platform.

OUR TASTE FOR LIFE BLOG: The Best Lesbian Movies of All Time Thanks Charlotte and Natalie for including us in your list and the quote below about Serpentine Pink;  

“We were lucky to get an advanced screening of Serpentine Pink ahead of its launch on September 2nd, 2022. Wow, what a journey it was. It’s very clever the way the film has been directed. We especially loved the cinematography and use of symbolism. Truly compelling stuff!

The story is a painful and difficult one to tell. However, the talented female-led cast and crew behind the movie convey the message in a powerful and captivating way.”

Uplifting underrepresented voices both in front of and behind the camera, this is a film that taps into sustainable and innovative filmmaking to immerse viewers into a surreal journey that provokes the senses and entices emotion.

In the wild west of California’s Joshua Tree desert, a solitary biker woman and her dancer lover have to find a way to heal from the wounds of their violent, visceral passion after a violent night brings to surface their past traumas. An ethereal psychic and her shaman companion converge with supernatural forces to confront and then heal the women’s deep-rooted personal pain, long plagued by the toxicity of possessive love.

Serpentine Pink is a visceral neo-noir thriller with eclectic characters that explores how we can confront and heal from deep-rooted emotional trauma.