Serpentine Pink will premiere in Los Angeles, CA at Regal Cinemas @ L.A. Live in early September at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase (IFS) L.A. Film Festival as part of their 2022 official selection!

In the wild west of California’s Joshua Tree desert, a solitary biker woman and her dancer lover have to find a way to heal from the wounds of their violent, visceral passion after a violent night brings to surface their past traumas. An ethereal psychic and her shaman companion converge with supernatural forces to confront and then heal the women’s deep-rooted personal pain, long plagued by the toxicity of possessive love.

Uplifting underrepresented voices both in front of and behind the camera, this is a film that taps into sustainable and innovative filmmaking to immerse viewers into a surreal journey that provokes the senses and entices emotion.


Serpentine Pink is a visceral neo-noir thriller with eclectic characters that explores how we can confront and heal from deep-rooted emotional trauma.