San Diego, CA, November 25, 2022 — Investments in Witchy Ways and African Giants — Hard Knock Productions is pleased to announce investment in two new productions supporting unique stories and underrepresented voices in film.

Witchy Ways

The secrets, as they always do, eventually find their way into the open. The past, filled with a lost friendship, tragic death, a spell gone wrong, and an injured girl tumble into the present. An angry ghost and omissions of fact threaten to derail Danny and Evie’s love, and a vengeful neighbor is hell bent on destroying all that Danny holds dear.

Tucked in a remote hillside sits a house that Evie’s mother believes is magical. She spent her happiest times there as a child and has wanted to take Evie there for a long time, but Evie’s job always gets in the way.  As a brand marketer, Evie builds the careers of others, having long ago moved from dreams of being an art photographer.  Her expertise has made it difficult for her boss to do without her until finally Mary is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. She rents the house and persuades Evie to take time off, then Mary dies suddenly, leaving Evie to discover the magic on her own. 

African Giants

Over a weekend visit in Los Angeles, two first-generation born Sierra Leonean American brothers navigate the changing dynamics of brotherhood after a surprise announcement. The story is told over four days – a long weekend. Alhaji is an aspiring actor currently living in Los Angeles, and is visited for a weekend by his younger brother, Sheku, a Georgetown Law student. Unknown to Alhaji, Sheku has come with a specific intention: to reveal his desire to follow his older brothers footsteps. Their relationship is tested and tensions rise as they engage on a variety of subjects with differing views and life philosophies. This story is a love letter to brotherhood.


Witchy Ways will apply for the ReFrame stamp through Sundance Institute and Women in Film, Los Angeles. Proudly diverse, the cast and crew are 50% female. The cast and crew are diverse in sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, cultural backgrounds, and generation.d

Both Witchy Ways and African Giants champion underrepresented voices both in front of and behind the camera, each film taps into sustainable and innovative filmmaking to share unique stories that will connect with all audiences.

Company Details

Hard Knock Productions is a social impact production company focused on developing unique stories to increase the visibility of LGBTQIA+, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and people with disabilities, and we leverage these stories to educate others and advocate for marginalized communities through partnerships with non-profit organizations.

Art into Activism is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion of underserved and marginalized persons and communities, encourages environmental sustainability, and supports art that promotes positive social impact.