Though 17-year-old Addison has always believed that the apocalypse would one day arrive, he’s still not quite prepared for one post-apocalyptic condition after a virus decimates the planet: loneliness. But this changes when, after years on his own in post-pandemic Oklahoma, he eventually crosses paths with Ava, who is pregnant and on the run. Meeting Ava brings Addison some sorely needed companionship. It also invites danger in the form of a gun-wielding group of survivors hell-bent on building a new world from the remnants of the old.

The struggle with isolation, burnout, and not knowing who you can depend on, is all too real today after the world has experienced collective trauma and a real pandemic. The journey of After the End reflects our own recent struggles about being disconnected, scared to venture out in the world, and literally and figuratively not knowing who to trust and who’s a danger.

In post-pandemic Oklahoma, After the End shares the story of two young survivors find strength in each other. But a violent gang determined to build a new world make sure their struggle is just beginning.